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A curiosity, to be sure.



Patch me Up

This game and custom controller were created with Jesse Gazic and Jupiter Wildwood for DMG‘s annual Feb Fatal Game Jame. The theme of 2019 was Killing Cyberpunk, meaning critically exploring the genre without harmful tropes.Patch Me Up focuses on body augmentation as an accessibility device, and through that allows players to navigate health and intimacy in a cooperative race against the clock. The game combines our love of textile art, puzzles, and co-op gaming.This game was exhibited at the Killing Cyberpunk Arcade on April 25, 2019 as well as Doors Open Toronto at the Toronto Media Arts Centre from May 23-June 3, 2019.Game art and programming by Jesse Gazic, writing and crafting by Jupiter Wildwood, and vest controller peripheral construction and programming by Sebastian Pines.

a frumpy green tent and text that reads "like camping" in front of a geometric gradient background of blues and purples.

like camping is the digital stand alone game for the interactive installation of the tentiverse which within participants can play like camping. like camping is a meditative and pastoral exploration game, giving a single player the option to wander around a small but whimsical and slightly magical world. Meant to played as an experience and looking for the sake of looking and walking for the sake of walking, no goals or directives in mind.You can find the digital download of like camping for free here.

An Invitation

Hello New Recruit, Welcome to the Academy…
The invitation is a self contained physical sleuth-in-training game experience. Use codexes, ciphers, and tools to deciphers riddles, find clues, and solve the mystery contained in these books.
We are preparing you for greatest New Recruit and this is your first test…A sleuthing experience for one.Limited run 1/1. Summer 2019.

Recent Game Projects

a frumpy green tent and text that reads "like camping" in front of a geometric gradient background of blues and purples.

A black and white banner that reads curios, seb pines, albrecht manor with an etching illustration of a house on fire behind the text

green pine branches and an illustrated deer, bear, rabbit and squirrel. the text on top of the illustrations reads curios jasper park


I am available for editing, layout, consulting, and research.For editing, I am available to edit roleplaying games, fiction, and non-fiction. I offer developmental, structural, narrative, copy, and life editing with proofreading included in all those services.For layout, I am available for book layout for both print and digital editions, layout includes typesetting and graphic design.For consulting, I am available to consult on game design, layout, bookmaking, and research approaches to game design.For research, I have backgrounds in: autobiography in art and literature, media studies, horror studies, the history of the disabled body, monstrosity/teratology, hauntings, and hauntology but I am open to any kind of research and helping you build a research approach to your work.

My rates are dependent on the type of project and timeframe so please feel free to reach out to me through email or Twitter so we may discuss your project.



Seb Pines is a writer, bookmaker, and game designer making curiosities into roleplaying games and games into a collection of curiosities. They are also a co-founder of Good Luck Press where they publish experimental roleplaying games.Seb holds a BFA in Material Studies and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Media Arts with a focus on game design and game writing.They are available for hire for game writing, editing, game design consulting, layout, and product design. Please feel to reach out through email, details available on the contact page.CV and portfolio available upon request.


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